Hi Everyone! Welcome to Beachy Breeze Fibers.

My name is Samantha and I am the knitter, crochet dabbler, dyer and one women show behind Beachy Breeze Fibers.

I first gained an interest in the yarn craft about 2 years ago as something to do with my hands. I first attempted knitting (teaching myself from books) and failed miserably. I switched to crochet and learning from YouTube videos and quickly fell in love. I made quite a few items including hats, blankets and scarfs. I always admired knitted objects though. 

I attended my first Fiber Festival in November 2018. That was the beginning of the best thing to happen to me. There I discovered the joys of hand dyed squishy, soft, scrumptious yarns and I was hooked! It was also where I picked up my first knit pattern with determination to actually teach myself to knit.

The knit pattern was actually a kit for Fingerless Mittens with fingering weight yarn and DPNs. I got on YouTube and finagled my way around FIVE different needles. And this time it clicked! 

But so did my love for hand dyed yarns. Suddenly, nothing else could compare and the yarn from box stores just wasn’t as fun to play with. Nothing was like the uniqueness of each individual skein being slightly different than the rest. Let’s not forget about the softness and squishiness of the different bases hand dyers tend to use that are not found in box stores. 

I started dyeing when I couldn’t find just the right colorways that I was looking for. MANY gorgeous colors that just weren’t the exact thing I was looking for. 

Hand dyeing my own yarn has allowed me to combine all the things I love about the fiber crafts. The uniqueness, the squishiness, the luxury bases, and playing with color and designing my own colorways.

All skeins are hand dyed by me in the small basement space that I have slowly taken over from my dad. All prep work, twisting, labeling, packaging and shipping is done by me on a sawhorse table that I take down each time I am done using it. 

I pull inspiration from my natural environment as well as just doing what feels good at the time. I’m currently dyeing in small batches around a full time job, so please bear with me while I get everything situated.

Much love,